The toddler years are an exciting and rewarding time, as your child learns to stand, walk, say words, and use the potty for the first time. Yet, along with all of these incredible milestones come all sorts of daunting parental challenges-from continuous cries in the middle of the night to the first boo-boos to erratic eating habits to public temper tantrums. What is a parent to do? The Everything Toddler Book offers professional advice on handling every aspect of your child's physical, emotional, and social development. With quick, easy-to-understand advice and positive reassurance, this helpful book provides frustrated-and often sleep-deprived-parents the quick answers they need to their toughest questions. Featuring true stories from the trenches and ample space to record developmental milestones, The Everything Toddler Book is an indispensable guide to enjoying these wild and wonderful years. It tells you how to: Prepare great meals toddlers will actually sit still for and eat; Provide comfort for teething and other common problems; Travel by car, train, and airplane with minimal hassle; Handle a child who refuses to listen; Toddler-proof your home; Buy the best toys and games to play; Get your child on a workable sleep schedule; Resolve jealousies among siblings.

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