Life in the clergy is quiet, respectful and peaceful or so Callie Anson believes when she begins her new job as curate at All Saints' Church in PaddingtonFollowing her traumatic break-up with fiance Adam, the last thing Callie needs is more emotional turmoil. However, she soon finds that her new job brings with it more than its fair share of challenges. She is exceedingly disturbed when she finds she is the subject of deep-seated hatred, cast upon her by her male colleagues. One in particular, Father Jonah Adimola, picks her out for a torrent of verbal abuse. To Callie's relief, her good friend and mentor, Frances Cherry, jumps to her defence. But when Father Adimola is found strangled to death the next day, suspicion falls upon Frances. Callie must now call upon her faith to steer her through the turbulent times ahead, and help prove her friend's innocence. With the help of DI Neville Stewart, it isn't long before the ecclesiastical faade is chipped away to reveal the hidden secrets of the clergy.Evil Intent is a gripping crime novel that pitches the reader into a dark world of concealment, power and deception, as up-to-date as today's headlines.

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