The point of Information System (IS) EP research then is that these evolved psychological traits very likely influence our behavior toward modern technologies, and a deeper understanding of how technology affects behavior might be achieved by applying concepts and theories from EP. Springer author Ned Kock (Information Systems Action Research: An Applied View of Emerging Concepts and Methods) is probably the leading scholar in IS-EP research, and he is proposing an AoIS volume to gather together for the first time invited papers on EP concepts and theories that can be used as a basis for future research; examples of ongoing IS-EP research; and a look at the current debate on IS-EP research. Kock will invite leading scholars in IS and IS-EP research as well as the leading scholars in pure EP (see attached proposal for all names) to contribute papers. Topics to be covered include basic human behavior toward technology; interface design; online dating and consumer behavior; information search and use behavior; and autopoiesis and self-organizing information systems.

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