If you're a SQL programmer or an experienced Excel user, here at last is the ultimate resource on developing reporting solutions with Excel. Focused on report development using OLTP databases, this book is packed with comprehensive information on both technical and strategic aspects. You'll thoroughly examine the main features of Excel's reporting technology-PivotTable reports, Spreadsheet reports, parameter queries, and web components. With notes, tips, warnings, and real-world examples in each chapter, you'll be able to put your knowledge to work immediately. This book includes:Single-source coverage of Excel's report development featuresExtensive and in-depth information on PivotTable and Spreadsheet report features, functions, and capabilitiesThorough documentation of the Microsoft Query program included with ExcelComprehensive information on Excel's client-based OLAP cube tools for processing very large datasets from OLTP data sourcesDetailed information on creating and working with web-enabled Excel reports

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