Studying abroad has never been so popular! Students embarking on life-changing adventures are in need of tried and true advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of studying in a foreign country. The brand-new edition of The Exchange Student Survival Kit is the essential guide to navigating the study abroad experience. From dealing with initial fatigue and culture shock to adjusting and thriving in a new environment, this book has all bases covered.Using personal experiences from dozens of multicultural exchange students, Dr. Bettina Hansel offers a wealth of insight and practical advice and leads students through the study abroad experience from beginning to end, thoroughly addressing the stages of adjustment, potential pitfalls and enduring rewards of an international education. This much-awaited new edition includes information on new communication technology as it affects the study abroad experience; important advice on personal safety; pressing concerns for parents and students in light of war, terrorism and crime and the changes in society and family life that will affect travelers most. The Exchange Student Survival Kit is a book to return to again and again, whether for tips on fitting in at a new school, solutions to common cross-cultural problems or simply for a comforting reminder that otherstudents have shared the same emotions, thoughts and experiences while studying in an unfamiliar culture.

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