Take your professional game to the next levelin 100 seconds o r less!People with inborn talent may be good at what they dobut only the mentally tough reach the highest plateaus in their field. And heres the best news of all: mental toughness is something anyone can learn.Director of mental training for the St. Louis Cardinals and a top-tier executive coach, Dr. Jason Selk knows everything there is to know about developing the mental toughness required for achieving any goal you set for yourself. In fact, the techniques he outlines in this book are the same ones he used to help the Cardinals defeat the heavily favored Detroit Tigers in the 2006 World Series.Inspired on the vision of legendary basketball coach John Wooden, Selks program is as simple as it is effective. But that doesnt mean its easy. You have to put effort into your drive to success; its the only way to build up your mental muscles. Selk provides hands-on daily exercises for breaking old, self-defeating patterns of behavior and replacing them with the can-do attitude and positive behavior that would make Coach Wooden proud.Executive Toughness outlines the three fundamentals for attaining high-level success:ACCOUNTABILITYadmit to mistakes, correct them, and, most important, learn from themFOCUSon your strengths, on winning, on reaching your goal . . . for only 100 seconds per dayOPTIMISMdont just believe you can succeed, know you can succeedExecutive Toughness takes you through the steps of making these critical behaviors part of your everyday routine. Practice your accountability, focus, and optimism, and youll be on the path to attaining your goals; make them part of your mental DNA, and there will be no turning backever.A complete regimen from a leading expert on developing the mindset for attaining goals, Executive Toughness is your workout for ultimate success in your career and in your life.

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