MILF And Cookies by Michael BrackenWhile spending Christmas break with his college roommates family, Bobby is seduced by his roommate's long-divorced mother, a sexy blonde with a body that would be the envy of any college cheerleader. Mrs Parker entices him with warm chocolate chip cookies and glimpses of her in a diaphanous red nightie. Then she feeds him breakfast in bed and what he eats isn't just her bakery goods. By the time he and his roommate return to school, Bobby has come to appreciate the unique holiday combination of MILF and Cookies.Taking Her Out by Penelope FridayLeah has been waiting for Jay all evening. Waiting to be seduced. But Jay has other plans for her. How can she cope with him taking her out when all she really wants is for him to take her?Deeds Of Mercy by Giselle RenardeMercedes romantic world has grown into a man-eating monstrosity! She really does love her fianc, Anwar, so why does she keep prostituting herself to Simon? It isnt that she needs the money. Well, OK, the moneys nice and it gives her a cheap thrill every time she adds Sex-with-Simon cash to the Wedding-with-Anwar fund, but its not like shes living at subsistence level. She doesnt need it. But she likes it. She enjoys the naughty thrill of prostituting herself to her married ex-lover while her husband-to-be remains oblivious.Ghost by Kay JaybeeJo had almost got out of the habit of listening for Sams distinctive knock at the door. Almost. Everywhere she goes she sees reminders of him; of the company Sam works for, of the places theyve secretly fucked together; making her miss him all over again. He isnt even hers to miss. When, after three months, Sam turns up unannounced, something in Jo snaps. Her normal submissive stance is abandoned in favour of spanking her lovers arse. It is time to show him just how hard it is living with the ghost of their affair...Making the Most of All in New Zealand by Eva HoreWhen her cousins husband, Jeff, decides to take her on a horse ride on her last day she gets exactly what she was hoping for. With her thighs spread wide over the horses back she realises that this rugged Maori is the one shed rather be riding and he doesn't disappoint.A Lesson Learned by Kyoko ChurchPoor Shirley. The quiet 36-year-old stay-at-home mom had been wishing forever for her stale, married sex life to be more exciting. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Now shes realised that her online Master is actually her husband, the shackles of the married roles burst open and their sex life goes from meh to hotcha! Communication flows and so does Shirleys pussy. Something must be done. More of Shirleys horny confessions lead to further lessons from her Master. He even has to bring in reinforcements.Good Girl by Clarice CliqueHow far can the bounds of an open relationship be pushed? What happens to a marriage when a woman looks beyond her husband to find her ideal lover, a man who is the perfect master? A housewife finds there is more than one way to be a good girl.Applied Literary Theory by Orlando ZinnA graduate student registers for a dreaded summer seminar in literary theory, mentally preparing himself for six weeks of boredom; only when a sexy Parisian professor enters the scene does he become aware of the subjects surprising applications.Oh, Brother! by Lucy FelthouseWhen Lara turns up to help her best friend Rebecca move house, she's not surprised to see Rebecca's younger brother mucking in. What does surprise her is the fact that Marc who she'd last seen when he was about 11 and harbouring a huge crush on her has grown up into a total hottie. It appears he still feels the same way about her. They flirt madly behind Rebecca's back, and continue to do so at the housewarming party some days later. Finally, they give in to their attraction, which brings not only smoking hot sex, but the realisation that at some point, they're going to have to tell Rebecca.The Relapse by Tabitha RayneRecovering sex addict Jim, tries his best to shock his therapist, Dr Leigh. Instead of being abstinent and following the rules, Jim has been a very naughty boy with an equally naughty girl he has met. He delights in telling the stunning, sultry doctor all the juicy details, hoping to prompt a reaction from her. Will he be punished for falling off the wagon? Or does Dr Leigh have something rather more interesting in mind...?Cowgirl Honeymoon by Tamsin FlowersSugar couldnt be happier shed always dreamt of having her honeymoon on a ranch and now she was luxuriating in the joys of having a hot stallion between her legs both day and night. But when her new husband Kyle cries off sex because he's saddle sore, Sugar starts wondering about his motives. Is he punishing her because he never wanted to come ranching in the first place? Desperately disappointed, Sugar goes out riding with ranch hand Tex. As they trek through the forest, she can't stop thinking about what she wants to do with Kyle later - until her horse goes lame and she's forced up on to the same saddle as the cowboy. He seems to know what shes thinking and being saddle sore isnt a problem...Golden Boy by Landon DixonThey had nothing in common other than his daughter, but when Clyde extended his hand to the young man, Evan brushed by it, threw his arms around Clyde and hugged the older man warmly. Clyde felt the throb of the teenagers semi-erect cock against his own, and he unconsciously clenched Evans tight, mounded butt cheeks, a wonderful, tingling sensation flooding his own body and loins. It was just the beginning of finding what they did have in common.Room 22 by Vick GuthrieWhen guests at Marvins Hotel start complaining about the noise coming from Room 22, its down to Miss Williams, the assistant manager, to sort things out. It seems the troublesome guest has a not-so-hidden stocking fetish, and she knows a way of dealing with his antics that will satisfy her desires as well as his.Star-fucker by Jade TaylorShes the photographer all the celebs flock to. Hes the actor shes had a secret crush on for years. She makes it a firm rule never to sleep with any of her subjects but in this most intimate of photo-shoots, some rules are meant to be brokenWorking Late by Heidi ChampaLinda is on her way to her husband's office and she's left her panties at home. She's on her way to give herself over completely, to be used, teased and thoroughly fucked. His every wish is her command and her ultimate pleasure. Except, Linda's husband is all the way across town at a business dinner. But, her husband's handsome boss is there waiting and willing to give her exactly what she needs.Rule Breakers by Rachel Kramer BusselWhat could be better than sex with Serena? Secret sex with her gorgeous husband, Rob, of course. And as the couple have an open relationship, Carla isnt breaking any rules just learning that whats sauce for two lovers is even saucier for threeReal by Jay RaymeeHe keeps telling himself what hes doing isnt really cheating on his wife. One-night stands, using hookers, sex with no ties, no emotions its what you do when you no longer desire the woman you married. But what happens when things get real?Ready Or Not, Here I Come by Lynn LakeTess Jansen just had to get laid. Shed turned eighteen in April, and now she was so ripe and juicy, ready and willing, that she could hardly slip her little white shorty-shorts on without coming. Only problem was, her skateboarding, BMXing boyfriend, Mike, was completely oblivious to her squishy need. If only there were some other, real men around who might put her out of her sweet sexual miseryThe Game by Daniel SavageIs it possible to hit new highs of sexual tension, arousal and fulfilment without actually making physical contact with another? When two strangers of a like mind meet by chance in a hotel they decide to play a game to find outDate Night by Ariel GrahamWhen Charlene meets her sexy neighbour Cory while he's out searching for his wife's cat, she has no idea the chance encounter will lead to realisation of a long-standing fantasy for her and her husband, Vince. Vince has been too shy to initiate sex with another couple, but the proximity of their bedroom windows leads Charlene and Vince to accidentally catch Cory and his wife, Anna, in the act and the next time it isn't quite so accidental.

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