A cutting-edge guide to the analysis of DNA microarray dataGenomics is one of the major scientific revolutions of this century, and the use of microarrays to rapidly analyze numerous DNA samples has enabled scientists to make sense of mountains of genomic data through statistical analysis. Today, microarrays are being used in biomedical research to study such vital areas as a drugs therapeutic valueor toxicityand cancer-spreading patterns of gene activity.Exploration and Analysis of DNA Microarray and Protein Array Data answers the need for a comprehensive, cutting-edge overview of this important and emerging field. The authors, seasoned researchers with extensive experience in both industry and academia, effectively outline all phases of this revolutionary analytical technique, from the preprocessing to the analysis stage.Highlights of the text include:A review of basic molecular biology, followed by an introduction to microarrays and their preparationChapters on processing scanned images and preprocessing microarray dataMethods for identifying differentially expressed genes in comparative microarray experimentsDiscussions of gene and sample clustering and class predictionExtension of analysis methods to protein array dataNumerous exercises for self-study as well as data sets and a useful collection of computational tools on the authors Web site make this important text a valuable resource for both students and professionals in the field.

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