This self-contained text provides an introduction to modern harmonic analysis in the context in which it is actually applied, in particular, through complex function theory and partial differential equations. It takes the novice mathematical reader from the rudiments of harmonic analysis (Fourier series) to the Fourier transform, pseudodifferential operators, and finally to Heisenberg analysis.Within the textbook, the new ideas on the Heisenberg group are applied to the study of estimates for both the Szegö and PoissonSzegö integrals on the unit ball in complex space. Thus the main theme of the book is also tied into complex analysis of several variables. With a rigorous but well-paced exposition, this text provides all the necessary background in singular and fractional integrals, as well as Hardy spaces and the function theory of several complex variables, needed to understand Heisenberg analysis.Explorations in Harmonic Analysis is ideal for graduate students in mathematics, physics, and engineering. Prerequisites include a fundamental background in real and complex analysis and some exposure to functional analysis.

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