This book is intended as a celebration of the legacy of Alfred Schutz in honor of the 100th anniversary of the year of his birth in 1999. It represents the contributions of a number of Schutzian scholars from the United States, Europe and Asia who have reflected on the significance of Schutz's work for philosophy and the human sciences for many years. Their work was first presented at international conferences held at Waseda University, Japan, March, 1999, the University of Konstanz, Germany, May 1999, and at the meetings of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences at the University of Oregon, USA, October, 1999. The editors were organizers of these conferences. These contributions trace connections and continuities with other major theorists and scholars ranging from Max Weber to Talcott Parsons and Pierre Bourdieu; to assessments of his contributions to methodology and social theory; to ethics and the political sphere; to his appeal in fields beyond philosophy, as well as to his wide-ranging explorations of the life-world. Schutz's legacy continues to be found in various places in the human sciences and philosophy and in the intersections of these disciplines. These papers contribute to the on-going dialogue and assessment of Schutz's corpus of work and to fresh appraisals of the continuing relevance of his work.

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