The aim of Exploring the Next Dimension is to describe the most important aspects of mediumship and to explain how the medium can help and guide others. Gaye Muir corrects the false impressions that arose as part of popular myth or just misinformation, and - as the title indicates - the book provides answers to many questions on life in the next dimension and on life after death that Gaye's audiences and students have posed over the years. In addition, the author offers conclusive evidence that an individual's existence will continue on another plane after their death. This evidence has been drawn from messages from the spirit world intended for people in this world. Transmitted by the medium, these messages contain information that only the recipient - the person seeking help and solace - could possibly know. The seeker receives valuable advice and comfort as well as support in a situation that is full of personal problems and emotional stress for which they feel there is apparently no solution. The innumerable encounters Gaye Muir has had with different seekers and the experiences she has personally undergone, unequivocally substantiate the assertion that there is life after death.

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