What is the future of mobile services?In order for mobile services to achieve the scale, scope, and agility required to keep them relevant and successful, a number of fundamental technical and business challenges need to be addressed. The Fabric of Mobile Services provides readers with a solid understanding of the subject, covering short-and long-term considerations and future trends that will shape thistechnological evolution.Beginning with an introduction that brings readers up to speed on the mobile services environment, the book covers:The business of mobile servicesMobile user location as a service enablerSimplicity and user experienceThe always-on infrastructure challengeUnderpinnings of mobile opportunismDesign patterns for mobile servicesAdvanced services of today and tomorrowComplemented with case studies and end-of-chapter summaries that help facilitate readers' comprehension, The Fabric of Mobile Services is essential reading for researchers, engineers, software engineers, students, and anyone working in the mobile services industry.

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