[FRONT FLAP]Facilitation can provide a key route to creating buy-in to the need for change and associated change initiatives. But, this only happens when facilitation is used in the right way. The authors outline the guiding principles of facilitation that every change leader needs to understand to successfully drive change. This book will make the principles of effective facilitation explicit for you - increasing the probability of success of your change initiative.[BACK FLAP]BETTINA BUCHEL is Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD where she directs public and in-company programs for large corporations. She has also been a strategic change consultant in companies in Asia and Europe. Buchel received her bachelor of economics and masters of public administration at the University of Constance, Germany, her Masters of Human Resources and Industrial Relations at Rutgers University, USA and her PhD at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.Buchel has written seven books and her articles have appeared in leading academic journals such as Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business or Sloan Management Review.buchel@imd.chIVAN MOSS was a program manager with IMD, where he facilitated strategy development and change programs for leadership teams from major multinationals. He has recently returned to New Zealand, where he is working with the ICEHOUSE to create and grow internationally successful New Zealand

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