Sally Travis appeared to have been badly let down by Rhys Martin, who had gone away when under suspicion of burglary. Sally knew he was at college and secretly supported him. She had faced the gossips alone when their baby was born, and ignored the worrying rumours about him. Rhy's father, Gwilym Martin, had lost a leg in an accident but whereas Sally held her head high under difficulties, Gwilym, who had been a popular sportsman and athlete, hid away, unable to face being seen in a wheelchair. He refused to work with young people and encourage them in their chosen sport. Sally ignored unkind remarks and helped others, especially Jimmy, a young boy put in danger by his parents neglect during their marital difficulties. But doubts about Rhys began to grow. When Rhys finally returned, would she still be waiting? Or had too much happened for things to be the same?

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