Despite the brutal nature of the Civil War, the Confederate cavalry has a storied and generally favourable relationship with its history. However, sometimes the whiff of romance present obscures history. Failure in the Saddle is the first study of its kind to examine the impact of the Confederate Cavalry on the larger Chickamauga campaign.David A. Powell draws upon a massive array of primary accounts, many previously unpublished, for his richly detailed study full of insightful tactical commentary, new perspectives on the strategic role of the Rebel horsemen, and fresh insights on every engagement of the campaign.The 1863 battle of Chickamauga was one of the largest and bloodiest combats of the war. The intricate engagement between the Union Army of the Cumberland and the Confederate Army of Tennessee ended success for the Southern Army. Yet despite this, the main prize of Chattanooga would still elude them. Within months, Federal counterblows reversed all that had been so dearly purchased. With two full cavalry corps under legendary commanders Nathan Bedford Forrest and Joe Wheeler, should the outcome have been different?Failure in the Saddle is a judiciously reasoned and carefully crafted study and an essential book for readers of Civil War battle and campaign histories.About the AuthorDavid A. Powell has a BA in history from the Virginia Military Institute. He has published numerous books and articles, more than fifteen historical simulations of various battles, and regularly leads tours to Civil War battlefields including the epic field of Chickamauga.

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