There seems to be no shortage of business at the Tank, a high-profile firm in Copenhagen. There are meetings to attend, memos to write, colleagues to undermine. But when the Tanks nefarious CEO announces a round of downsizing, everyone becomes exponentially more concerned about ... whatever it is theyre doing. Not since Joshua Ferriss Then We Came to the End has there been such a savvy satire of contemporary work culture, and the distorting effects it can have on our lives.Following these imperiled company men and women out into the autumn days and nights of Copenhagen, Thomas E. Kennedy traces the ripple effects of the news at the Tank as it impacts spouses, children, and lovers. Top executive Frederick Breathwaite is frantically trying to ensure a stable future for his son, while the boys greatest fear is that his future might resemble his fathers absurd present. Harald Jaeger is estranged from his wife and daughters but pursuing desperate passions for other women (including the Tanks married CFO). And while hes lost in amorous fantasies, he has managed to catch the CEOs eye-as a possible replacement for Breathwaite.Sharp, funny, but remarkably tender, Falling Sideways is the second book in Kennedys virtuoso Copenhagen Quartet, and a book that will continue to build his reputation as one of Americas most versatile literary novelists.

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