“Life is only about personal success.” “Only the wealthy have power.” “Progressives can never get it together.” Every day, we are bombarded by messages invalidating our capacity to make a difference. But we live in a world that needs radical transformation if our children and grandchildren are to live healthy, peace-filled lives. Where to start? The answer may lie surprisingly close: at home, with our closest relationships. We tend to focus on the “big” barriers that separate us, but, as Roberto Vargas argues, the most promising path to change is actually both the most accessible and the most universal - the family. In our daily family and friendship circles, we experience countless opportunities to empower, inspire and support positive change in others. What if we could look at those experiences as the seeds of bigger, broader change? In this new guide for change advocates, Vargas explains how fostering familia - the feeling of connection we have with our...

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