This book is intended to provide mental health professionals with an effective model for reaching at risk youth (defined as first-time offenders or those deemed likely to commit a crime in the near future). Because it is impossible to understand the circumstances surrounding an individual youth's behavior without understanding his or her family environment, Family Solutions for Youth at Risk advocates a multiple family group intervention approach. Such an intervention taps into and develops the emotional connections among the participants, reduces the blame directed at youth, and increases the resources by which the family, as a group, resolves its problems. Moreover, the participation of multiple families in the treatment program provides both parents and children with a support group and a sense of community. Based on the author's many years working with youth offenders and their families in group settings, Family Solutions for Youth at Work not only makes the case for a multiple family group intervention model, but carefully describes the process of establishing a program that uses this approach. Case studies and clinical observations help ground theoretical discussions in real world events and practice, making the book a valuable resource for mental health professionals and students alike.

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