Increase your understanding of facilitation and learn interventions and exercises you can use with others. This resource manual provides managers, trainers and consultants a format based on the core skills facilitators need to develop as well as the issues they will face at work. The Fast Facilitator shows the difference facilitation skills can make in helping people learn, be more self-aware, be more flexible in their thinking and behavior and build their self-confidence. The manual is organized into three parts covering a huge amount of groundwork: Essential facilitation, group and team facilitation and creative facilitation. Topics include what is facilitation, the qualities of a facilitator, planning and structuring, understanding roles in teams, when and how to intervene, working with diversity and defense patterns. Key issues covered range from attentiveness and culture to emotional expression, openness and feedback. Use this manual when you need support in dealing with a specific issue at work or when developing your professional skills. It is full of principles and practices that will enable you to get the best out of people.

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