This book reports the development of fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control (FTC) methods with their application to real plants. After an introduction to fault diagnosis and FTC, a chapter on actuators and sensors in systems with varying degrees of nonlinearity leads to three chapters in which the design of FTC systems is given thorough coverage for real applications: a winding machine typifying a subsystem in various sheet and film processes; a hydraulic 3-tank system representative of those used widely in chemical plants; and an active suspension system demonstrating application in whole large-scale systems by splitting into subsystems.Actuator and sensor faults are accommodated within the control-law design and the integration of fault diagnosis models in the FTC systems described. Linearized systems around an operating point and nonlinear systems are discussed and illustrated. A complete simulation platform of the 3-tank system is provided via download from / ISBN 978-1-84882-652-6.

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