Design and deploy high availability IP and MPLS network architectures with this comprehensive guide Includes a detailed overview of the IP/MPLS forwarding and control plane protocols, including OSPF, IS-IS, LDP, BGP, and RSVP Analyze fault-tolerant IP/MPLS control plane architectures with the explanations in this book Develop a clear understanding of various high availability aspects of IP/MPLS networks Learn how to seamlessly deploy IP/MPLS control plane restart mechanisms Master the application of fault-tolerant control-plane architectures in designing and deploying highly reliable and available MPLS applications, such as traffic engineering, L2VPNs, and L3VPNs Understand the layered architecture of network-level fault recovery mechanisms, such as optical, SONET, MPLS, and interactions between different layers In the wake of increased traffic, today's service providers and enterprises must assure...

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