Don't let fear hold you back from achieving everything you want to - let Geoff Thompson, author of Watch My Back and The Elephant And The Twig, show you how to make fear your friend. Once a doorman at some of Britain's roughest nightclubs and now a world-renowned martial artist, Geoff Thompson has had more to be frightened of than most. Here he shares his secrets for overcoming your fears to help you live life to the max. From spiders to public speaking, job interviews to physical conflict, Geoff takes you through proven techniques of combating whatever it is you're afraid of. a Understand your physical reactions to fear and how they can be used to your advantage a Overcome the negative feelings that make you think you can't succeed a Learn methods to defeat your fears with Geoff's unique Fear Pyramid system a Achieve your full potential without worries restricting you Geoff has included interviews with people from the SAS and the boxing circuit to inspire you to believe that nothing should hold you back from living your dreams.

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