"This is not another theoretical business book. It is a book about fearless leadership in action--the spirit, resiliency, quick alignment, and the ability of teams to generate possibilities and results despite tough economic conditions. The process Loretta describes in this book works--if you have the courage to lead in a new way." Jim Gowans, President and CEO, De Beers Canada"Successful leaders take a hard stand about paying for performance, and do not fall into the trap of paying for effort. Loretta tells leaders exactly how to accomplish this by creating an environment where people take personal accountability, collaborate, and hold each other accountable for consistent exceptional results." Raj Gupta, Chairman and CEO, Rohm and Haas Company "Once again Dr. Malandro hits the bull-s eye. This book articulates a powerful strategy for leaders who aspire to be more than ordinary by building a high performance culture that produces consistent extraordinary results. I know it works. With her help, I have been there and have reveled in the success." Frank Patalano, former Chief Operating Officer, Zurich North America "Lorettas book is a powerful roadmap for anyone committed to being a transformational leader. It provides clear, actionable steps that drive organizational growth and long term success."Raj Rawal, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Burger King Corporation "Fearless Leadership is an exciting and valuable book that will profoundly influence global leaders at a time when a new approach is urgently needed.This book is a compelling call to action that every leader must read." John J. Ryan, President and CEO, Rabo AgriFinance "The most difficult leadership challenge is changing behaviors. For companies to be different, leaders must lead differently. Loretta is the best at helping make these concepts real and actionable." David M. Thomas, former Chairman and CEO, IMS Health and former Senior VP, IBM "At a time of unprecedented challenges to complicated academic and research institutions and when complacency from past successes collides with the harshness of today-s environment, new leadership solutions are required.This thought provoking book provides leaders with new perspectives and skills that can be of immediate impact. Michael A. Friedman, MD President and CEO, City of Hope "This groundbreaking book is the first to clearly identify the behavioral barriers to change that every leader faces and provide a powerful solution that every leader can apply. Based on the business results we have achieved, I can tell you unequivocally that the process Loretta describes in this book works."J. LaMont Keen, President and CEO, Idaho Power "Loretta knows how to build a management team that will give any company a clear competitive advantage. She has described it all in this new book. A book that is sure to make it to the must read list of business books in2009 and beyond."Frank Proto, Chairman of the Board, Agrium Inc "This insightful book clearly identifies how behavior sabotages personal and organizational success, and what to do about it. The powerful solution provided by Malandro--100% accountability--is exactly what every company needs, especially today." Greg Stewart, P.Ag., President and CEO, Farm Credit Canada

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