This well structured, intriguing and motivating book presents the basic ideas and understanding of control, signals and systems for readers interested in engineering and science. Through a series of examples that are regularly revisited from different perspectives, the book explores both the theory and the practice of control.'Feedback and Control for Everyone' is indeed intended for everyone, but more specifically everyone interested in getting a feel for the role control and feedback play in our environment. Control and feedback are pervasive and are literally found everywhere in our engineered or biological environment. The book focuses on the main ideas and opens the scientific mind to feedback, control and systems dynamics. The exposition of ideas does not assume any mathematical knowledge beyond what typically is taught at an intermediate mathematics level at high school. Appealing to examples and intuition, the authors guide the reader to the essential ingredients to describe, analyze and synthesize successfully feedback. Each chapter ends with comments and references that enable the interested reader to explore the exposed subject material in a deeper manner. 'Feedback and Control for Everyone' is written for: understanding basic concepts on systems dynamics and control, realizing the strong connection between technical and human/social dynamics, motivating further reading and study about control systems, showing the power of abstraction to infer properties of complex systems based on simplified mathematical models, emphasizing the interplay between communication, computers and control in this Digital Era, creating bridges among different sciences and technologies such as engineering, physics, biology, biochemistry, or systems dynamics.

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