In Female Ambition, Nuria Chinchilla - one of Europe's foremost experts on women in the workplace - and researcher Consuelo Leon provide a compelling account of how the growing number of women in the workforce today are combining their professional and family lives. Given its comprehensive approach, Female Ambition is a must-read every woman professional, as well as any HR executive and CEO.Based on new research, the book traces the development of women in the workplace, and focuses on a host of critical issues such as current governmental legislation and the family unit, family-responsible companies, personal leadership and the management of time in the workplace and at home. Female Ambition addresses the critical challenges women face as they seek to combine careers with a balanced and fulfilling family life. The book also provides practical tips on achieving this goal, and includes numerous real-life examples. Moreover, it offers suggestions for business leaders who want to create efficient family-friendly companies in today's global marketplace.

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