The best-kept secret in corporate life is the vanishing act of women on their way to the top. Despite massive attention to the issue, the number of women in top positions remains shockingly low. What can women themselves do to optimize their careers in today's workplace? The Female Leadership Paradox is based on frequently asked questions during lectures and workshops on the topic of 'Women and Leadership' and on the personal experiences of the author. In the book twenty case studies are analyzed and strategies proposed for how to strategically overcome the challenges that are commonly faced such as - *How do I successfully land a supervisory board/non-executive director's position? * How do I ensure being promoted when I am the most qualified candidate? *Why do they always ask me for supporting roles instead of leading roles? *How do I make sure that I am receiving (question: is earning a better word to reflect monetary gain then it should stay) what I deserve? *Are there specific gender based leadership qualities that will help or hinder me getting management roles? Packed full of practical advice, this is an invaluable insight into the challenges that women may face in their careers. The author analyzes these situations and proposes strategies for women who want to develop their strategic leadership skills.

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