Thirty years in the works, "Fight Back Legal Abuse" is the story of one woman's fight against a corrupt legal system. Following her own dealings with three negligent attorneys, as well as years of case studies from the abused, author Rose Colombo fights back as an advocate for victims of legal abuse. With her "Ph.D. in judicial corruption," Colombo uses more than two decades of true short stories related to injustices, first-hand experiences; documentation, interviews, and proposals of new laws, to make a case for the reformation of the judicial system. Rose Colombo hit the news when she asked the question, "How much justice can you afford?" Written in a language understood by all, void of the legal jargon used by lawyers to overwhelm and confuse their clients, Colombo fights back and refuses to go down to the level of corrupt lawyers. Instead, she forces them to come up to hers.

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