A Fight to the Death tells the fascinating story of the Polish submarine Eagle and her crew in the early days of the Second World War. After escaping from the invading Germans, when their Gydnia base in Poland was destroyed, they sustained engine damage in an attack, and their Captain fell seriously ill. They sought temporary asylum under international agreement from Estonia, which was granted. Following pressure from the Germans and Russians, they were subsequently arrested and interned, and partly disarmed. Despite having no guns, no navigation equipment, few torpedoes, little food, water or fuel, and no chance of replenishment, they decided to escape from the Baltic and continue the fight against the German Navy. Determined to join the war in the Atlantic they escaped out of the Baltic through shallow, narrow and dangerous shipping lanes and joined the Royal Navy. On an early patrol off Norway, they sank a German troop carrier, revealed the Nazi intention to invade Norway, and were able to warn London and Oslo. On a later patrol in the same area, the Eagle disappeared, sunk with all hands.

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