Ingmar Bergman is seen as one of the world's greatest and prolific directors, having earned his status as indefatigable, unfaltering auteur. Throughout his long career, his films have conveyed, thematically and stylistically, various elements of illusion, including dreams, fantasies, nightmare visions, destabilized identity and the cinema as mask. The Films of Ingmar Bergman explores these diverse elements, in relation to broader concerns and perspectives, such as cultural and artistic influences on Bergman's creative output, the phenomenon of Bergman as 'art film' director, and film reception and criticism at key points in history, including debates about modernism, postmodernism and emerging feminist discourses on gender and multiplicity. Laura Hubner provides a fascinating insight into developments from some of Bergman's earliest, through to his last, films. She traces links between thematic and formal transitions towards subjectivity - dramatic shifts that challenge the concept of any one stable truth or reality.

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