The Asian financial crisis has attracted much attention to this part of the world, especially Southeast Asia where the crisis first emerged. While there are signs of economic recovery in the affected countries, financial events in Southeast Asia remain the focus of international attention.Part I of this book highlights the basic features of the financial systems of Southeast Asian countries and Part II highlights the financial reforms that have been implemented in several Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong. Part III is a convenient directory of the various financial institutions in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Part IV is a list of abbreviations and Part V is a lexicon or dictionary of financial terms arranged from A to Z. Many of these terms are specific to Southeast Asia. They are not found in most standard dictionaries on banking and finance.Contents:Financial Systems in Southeast Asia and Hong KongFinancial Reforms in Selected Southeast Asian Countries and Hong KongDirectory of Financial Institutions in Southeast Asia and Hong KongAbbreviations of Financial Terms Used in Southeast Asian and Hong KongLexicon of Financial Terms Used in Southeast Asia and Hong KongReadership: Financial institutions, libraries and members of the financial and banking community, including professionals, researchers and students.

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