For both new viewers and diehard fans, this illuminating guide to the Emmy and Golden Globe Awardwinning television program helps Lost fanatics piece together the latest additions to the puzzle from season four with detailed discussions of the multitudinous characters, their spotty backgrounds, and the mysterious islands. Thorough examinations of each episode provide fresh insight into the baffling worlds of both the plane crash survivors and the Others, while analyzing numerous concepts, such as the importance of the Oceanic Six, how the time travel theories play into the greater mysteries on the show, how different characters' paths are beginning to cross, and how the series could possibly end. Additional chapters explore the historical figures, religious iconography, literary allusionsto such works as Slaughterhouse-Five and Shakespeare's The Tempestand other clues scattered throughout the show. Dozens of previously unpublished on-set photos and new cast member biographies are also included.

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