The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Coverage of the Finite Element Analysis and Modeling of Antennas and ArraysAimed at researchers as well as practical engineersand packed with over 200 illustrations including twenty-two color platesFinite Element Analysis of Antennas and Arrays presents:Time- and frequency-domain formulations and mesh truncation techniquesAntenna source modeling and parameter calculationModeling of complex materials and fine geometrical detailsAnalysis and modeling of narrowband and broadband antennasAnalysis and modeling of infinite and finite phased-array antennasAnalysis and modeling of antenna and platform interactionsRecognizing the strengths of other numerical methods, this book goes beyond the finite element method and covers hybrid techniques that combine the finite element method with the finite difference time-domain method, the method of moments, and the high-frequency asymptotic methods to efficiently deal with a variety of complex antenna problems.Complemented with numerous examples, this cutting-edge resource fully demonstrates the power and capabilities of the finite element analysis and its many practical applications.

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