A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including spanking, female submission, m/m and sex in public.Fire and Ice by Alanna AppletonThe ski trip was to be a dream holiday for the three young women, but as much as Nina and Rachel were lusting for more intimate attentions from their hunky ski instructor, Mike, their friend seemed immune to his charms. In fact, the normally perky Lucy was proving to be as openly hostile and uncooperative as possible. Her extreme behaviour positively invites a damned good spanking from Mike, and when she encounters him alone during a night-time stroll her insolence finally has her across his knees, with her knickers down and her blazing bottom in need of some ice.Dim Sum by Genevieve AshA celebratory dinner out turns hot and spicy when long-distance lovers are finally brought together. The culinary and erotic delights set before them merge, turning the evening into a multi-course event of teasing and tasting. Pushing the envelope of public display, they struggle to control their desire for one another. Once home, their kitchen table becomes the stage for satisfying their insatiable appetite for one another.Too Close to Call by Jenna BrightJake and Jess have two firm rules for their not-a-relationship: Rule One - No one finds out. Rule Two - Its not going anywhere. Between the thrill of secret sex, and putting one over on their friends, its working perfectly well for them. But on a night out with friends and their exes its the third, unspoken rule thats really going to get them in trouble. Rule Three Never back down from a challenge.Swap Meat by Landon DixonYou fuck my partner, and Ill fuck yours. Tyler could hardly believe the mans proposition when he heard it. Especially when the guy claimed it might actually improve things with his partner, Damon. But the man was convincing, his friends oral skills in the backseat of the car even more persuasive. The swap was on.The Captains Lady by Harriet FitzherbertWhen racehorse owner Patrick meets feisty Clara at Aintree, she makes a bet with him that he simply cant refuse. If his horse wins, shell be his lady for the night and once theyre alone in his hotel room, with champagne on ice and her desire for him impossible to ignore, all bets are off

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