Fire by Night follows Kiva and Adalia - orphans and Hebrews in Egypt at the time of Moses. We meet them on the night of the Passover. In the confusion of the next morning, they get separated: Adalia is taken by her neighbours while her brother Kiva is left behind. The story follows the biblical account of the Exodus, but from a child's perspective. Both characters experience God's provision and are forced to trust God in times of danger and peril. Eventually reunited, the two look forward to where God is leading them next. They have learnt that God is their banner and both trust him with their future. This story allows children to explore the biblical text of Exodus, and also the main themes which are contained in the story. The fact that it is told from a child's perspective means that readers will immediately identify with the issues the characters face and be able to consider what that means for their life. A truly innovative style which will make this part of the Old Testament come to life.

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