This book examines key aspects of the measurement of fiscal policy making in the EU fiscal surveillance framework, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of current assessment practice. Based on the proceedings of a workshop organized by the European Commission's Directorate-General Economic and Financial Affairs, the book's contributions from leading experts will be of particular value to individuals and institutions involved in the fields of national and international economics and finance. Key Features: chapters are arranged within three main sections: Long-term sustainability; Measurement of the underlying budgetary position and discretionary fiscal policy; Reliability of fiscal indicators edited by Martin Larch and Joao Nogueira Martins expert contributors include Antonio Afonso, Fabrizio Balassone, Fernando Ballabriga, Roy Barrell, Peter Brandner, Peter Claeys, Leopold Diebalek, Per Eckefeldt, Jonas Fischer, Daniele Franco, Jagadeesh Gokhale, Ian Hurst, Walpurga Kohler-Toglhofer, Gyorgy Kopits, Martin Larch, Carlos Martinez-Mongay, James Mitchell, Joao Nogueira Martins, Jan in 't Veld, Stefania Zotteri text amply supported by charts and tables. bibliography and Index

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