Since first visiting Greenland in 1974 Steen Ulnits has actively sought and added to his list a large number of great game fishes. In his book "Fishing the World - catching them all" he presents a number of fish species that made a lasting impression on him - as a fisheries biologist as well as an eager angler.Read about some of the most sought after game fish species living in exotic surroundings and learn what gave them their current fame. Read about a larger number of lesser known species that also made the Top 50 list of fish worth travelling across the globe to meet and catch in their natural environment.Some of these species have been hard to catch or hard to reach. But they have all been interesting and well worth the effort. Still Steen Ulnits has a number of species on his list that need to meet his flies and lures and have their picture taken!Join Steen Ulnits on an exciting and inspiring trip around the world, fishing rod in hand!

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