Giving birth is the single most challenging physical activity the majority of women will face in their lifetime. So why not prepare for it by training and exercising, by toning your body so that you can approach labour and delivery with calm confidence, free of the anxiety and tension that complicate so many births. The FitMama Method: Your Complete Guide to Confidence and Fitness for Birth has been devised by Marie Behenna based on her own experience of pregnancy and birth and her work as a personal trainer. It encompasses not only exercise but also advice on diet, nutrition, posture, recovery and general wellbeing. Marie Behenna has been preparing pregnant women for birth, both physically and mentally, for over twenty years, and by following her unique programme of gentle exercises youll find that you gain confidence and knowledge as your pregnancy progresses. The FitMama Method will guide you through the physiological changes of pregnancy, the choices you can make during labour and delivery, and how to ensure a full and swift recovery. You wont need complicated equipment, and you can perform the exercises in the privacy of your own home. The FitMama Method includes advice to the expectant dad and many what you should know tips from previous FitMama programme participants.

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