Imagine if you had only one chance to get it right, one shot at losing weight once and for final opportunity to get fit and change your body forever....what would you do? Would you dive into another diet that promised quick results or one that encouraged you to starve yourself for days and weeks on end, only to find that your weight returns in excess of where you started? More Americans are overweight than at any other time in history. The numbers of those considered obese are staggering and still growing. This represents a national health crisis, upon which the medical community at large has had little impact. What are we doing wrong? What are you doing wrong? What can we do about it? Dr. Kelley will tell you one thing with certainty. Though incredible numbers of people are struggling with their weight and their health, there are other individuals among us, who are consistently getting it right. Not only are they not struggling with an issue that affects greater than 65% of all adult Americans, these individuals are thriving, re-shaping their bodies and living with the assurance that they have more control over their weight, their health and their bodies than they ever dreamed possible. So, ask yourself again. What if you had but one chance to make it happen? Would you make the right choice? By understanding the principles of "The Fitness Response", you might just be taking that first step down the path which liberates and changes your life forever. One thing is certain; it is truly a path less traveled. It's your choice....Will you take it?

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