Queen Mira is stricken by jealousy when Charmian, a beautiful Nordic slave girl, becomes the chief concubine of King Seti, the Pharaoh. She has the girl whipped, but Charmian derives a perverse satisfaction from the ordeal. Mira sees her arousal and grows excited herself, longing for Seti to master her. But where do these strange feelings come from? She is supposed to be the equal of the Pharaoh, not his slave. Charmian is kidnapped by Tut-Tut, the high priest, a fat eunuch who delights in tormenting women. Mira rescues her and the two share their innermost secrets, but they are betrayed by the vengeful high priest. However the Pharaoh, in his wisdom, finds a new way to please both the gods and his women...

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