This textbook gives an introduction, with extensive historical notes, to the principal disciplines of aeronautics. The principles of applied aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion, flight performances, stability and control of conventional subsonic aircraft are augmented by overviews of helicopter technology and high speed flight.Overviews of the history of aviation and basic aeronautical terms are followed by descriptions of the major disciplines involved in aircraft flight mechanics. These are discussed in five chapters dealing with low speed aerodynamic properties (lift and drag) of wings, aircraft engines and propulsion, performances, and stability and control of aircraft. The last two chapters deal with helicopter aerodynamics and flight mechanics, and complications of high speed (transonic and supersonic) flight.In order to keep the introductory character there is an equal amount of basic formulas and explanatory text. Although problems and their solutions are not presented, there are plenty of opportunities for lecturers to extract material for practicing and examination.

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