Flirting with the Society Doctor Vale Wakefield is a spectacular doctor, but Faith Fogarty knows his 'for ever' factor is nil - and he'll always go for designer-clad socialites rather than colleagues in unflattering scrubs! She's spent months fighting her attraction, but now, facing a weekend as Vale's date - to a society wedding! - it's time Faith took a few risks with the delicious doctor... When One Night Isn't Enough Nurse Ali Forshay has swapped dating disasters for nights out with the girls! But after spending more time than is strictly necessary discussing the man she loves to hate - the notoriously delicious Dr Jared Padget - Ali's horrifying realisation is that she's one hundred per cent crazy in lust with him! The conclusion: spend a feverish night together! It would be a strictly one-time-only experience... Wouldn't it?

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