Optimization of combustion processes in automotive engines is a key factor in reducing fuel consumption in conventional and advanced gasoline and diesel engines. This volume investigates and describes flow and combustion processes in diesel and gasoline engines. It consists of eight chapters written by world experts from industry, government laboratories and academia. Each of the chapters is self-contained and, therefore, independent from the other in that it covers its central theme in depth, although prior knowledge of the fundamentals remains a prerequisite. The book bridges a serious gap between conventional textbooks and the significant technological breakthroughs presented in worldwide conferences during the last ten years on direct-injection gasoline engines, advanced diesels and homogeneous-charge compression-ignition engines. As such, it is an essential reference text for engineers involved in research and development in global automotive and consultancy companies, research engineers involved in fundamental and applied research on various aspects of the flow, mixture preparation and combustion in reciprocating engines. The authors are eminent researchers from universities and industry.

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