A thorough survey of synthetic methods, chemistry, and applications of major classes of fluorinated heterocyclesMerging organic, heterocyclic, and fluoroorganic chemistry, fluorinated heterocyclic compounds have distinctively desirable properties suitable for use in pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals, especially their ability to penetrate the cell membrane barrier for drug absorption. Offering a needed overview of this relatively new addition to the heterocyclic family, this essential reference provides the latest state-of-the-art information on key application areas within fluorine chemistry.With contributions from experts from both industry and academia, the book covers the chemistry, synthesis, and applications of fluorinated heterocycles with chapters on:Three-, four-, five-, six-, and seven-membered fluorine-containing heterocyclesFluorinated nucleosidesFluorointermediatesApplications of fluorinated heterocycles in agricultural productsPharmaceuticals containing fluorinated heterocyclesTechnical applications of fluorinated heterocyclesWritten by a team of world-recognized experts in the area of organic and industrial chemistry of fluorine, Fluorinated Heterocyclic Compounds: Synthesis, Chemistry, and Applications will prove valuable to both students and researchers from academia and industry seeking further knowledge of the synthetic methods, chemistry, and applications of major classes of fluorinated heterocycles.

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