Privy to the details of all your secret moments, all your misdeeds, private conversations and indulgences, the fly on the wall is neutral. It doesn't care that you cheat on your income tax, it won't stop you from jumping, and it won't call the police when you eliminate the neighbors cat. It sees you spike the punch, touch yourself, curse your spouse, and switch your Scrabble tiles when your opponent leaves to pee. The Fly on the Wall is a finely illustrated collection of short punch fiction stories intended for adults. Inspired by the age-old expression, Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation? the creators have teamed up to explore what some of these private conversations, moments, and encounters might be like.The short stories and pen-and-ink drawings throughout The Fly on the Wall are dark and subversive by nature, with an inherent wry humor prevalent throughout. Along with the fly, the reader eavesdrops on church confessionals, jail visits, funeral homes, assisted suicide, hitchhiking, cross-dressing, alcoholism, and murder . . . to name a few.With arresting visuals and reminiscent of the storytelling in a Robert Altman film, The Fly on the Wall is a collection that is sure to provoke, shock, and inspire.

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