Containing contributions from leading academic and industrial researchers, this book provides a much needed update of foam science research.  The first section of the book presents an accessible summary of the theory and fundamentals of foams. This includes chapters on morphology, drainage, Ostwald ripening, coalescence, rheology, and pneumatic foams.The second section demonstrates how this theory is used in a wide range of industrial applications, including foam fractionation, froth flotation and foam mitigation. It includes chapters on suprafroths, flotation of oil sands, foams in enhancing petroleum recovery, Gas-liquid Mass Transfer in foam, foams in glass manufacturing, fire-fighting foam technology and consumer product foams.Key features:Foam fractionation is an exciting and emerging technology, starting to gain significant attentionDiscusses a vital topic for many industries, especially mineral processing, petroleum engineering, bioengineering, consumer products  and food sectorLinks foam science theory to industrial applications, making it accessible to an engineering science audienceSummarizes the latest developments in this rapidly progressing area of researchContains contributions from leading international researchers from academia and industry

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