Harness the Latest Advances in Folded Unipole Antenna Technology,Including New Detuning, Geophysical and Biomedical ApplicationsFolded Unipole Antennas: Theory and Applications is the first comprehensive sourcebook on the design and uses of folded unipole antenna technology, featuring never-before-published mathematical equations and configurations. Written by Jeremy K. Raines, an internationally recognized antenna expert, this unique one-stop reference offers you a detailed account of the physics underlying the remarkably compact, broadband, and versatile folded unipole antenna, as well as mathematical models suitable for design and analysis. Filled with helpful illustrations, Folded Unipole Antennas features:Never-before-published electromagnetic field equations that remove obstacles to improving design and extending useA full chapter on detuning, a process that reduces radar scattering cross section and electronically eliminates structures causing unwanted radiation and interferenceA full chapter about arrays of folded unipoles, featuring a new and easier approach to describing the electromagnetic coupling between elementsA wide range of folded unipole antenna applications, including detuning, multiplexing, geophysical prospecting, and biomedical sensingInside This Landmark Antenna Engineering Guide Introducing the Folded Unipole Antenna The Simplest Configuration The Two-Stage Unipole The Three-Stage Unipole The N-Stage Unipole The Most General Configuration Antenna End Effect and Top Loading Arbitrary Cross Sections Detuning Arrays of Folded Unipoles Present and Future Applications

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