Football Managers have to deal with a number of unique pressures: this is an extremely turbulent profession, it is results oriented, their actions are carried out in the full glare of the media spotlight. Yet in many of its dimensions, the challenges of the football manager role strike chords with those of talent managers in many other sectors. How should they get the best out of players with different strengths, how do you achieve the best recruitment, development, retention of these staff and when do you decide against trying to stop them from leaving? How do you motivate those who are not in your starting line up? What is your role as leader in this type of situation, how do you think longer term when the pressures are all judged by short-term measures? What if you are made a scapegoat for the failings of the broader organisation?The football analogy is a widely understood and many of these issues can be discussed in terms of football management in ways which are more easily digested than through examples from many other sectors. This book will satisfy the interest in football management and in talent management and leadership using thought provoking material and examples which allow us to look at our daily challenges through a different lens.

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