"He?s the Sellers and I?m the buyer! A great amalgamation of stories and anecdotes, the crashes and the burns and phoenixes from the ashes all honchoed together seamlessly by our friend Bob." —Dennis Miller, comedian "This book is for anyone who?s ever wanted to know the real secret of success in business—screwing up and making the most of it. As Bob Sellers proves, everyone makes mistakes, but only the truly successful bounce back bigger and better." —Jonathan Wald, former SVP CNBC;Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Business "Forbes Best Business Mistakes is fascinating, inspiring, insightful, and instructive. For anyone who has ever fretted that making a mistake or two in business is always regrettable or potentially career–ending, it is an eye–opener. By talking to the top minds in American business today, Bob Sellers shows how one can take lemons and turn them into champagne. It is a must–read." —Tony Perkins, anchor, Fox 5...

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