When the young and ambitious Doctor Paul Clement takes a job at a mission hospital on Saint Sebastien he has dreams of finding cures for tropical diseases. What he finds is a place where the black arts are just a way of life. After witnessing the ritualistic murder of a young boy who was allegedly already dead, he is warned never to speak of what he has seen. Back in Paris, Paul's attentions turn to studying the nervous system and resuscitation using electricity. Paul is told of patients who have apparently died, been brought back to life, and, whilst they lay between life and death, witnessed what they believed to be Heaven itself. Using forbidden knowledge he swore never to use, he attempts to see what everyone else has seen, but something goes wrong. When Paul returns to the living could it be possible he brings something else back with him, an unspeakable evil so powerful it can never be banished? Is this paranoia, a madness slowly consuming him, or has Doctor Paul Clement witnessed Hell itself...?

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