Craig Shallahamer's Forecasting Oracle Performance is the first, Oracle-specific book to provide database administrators with help in forecasting future performance of new and existing database systems. Most (if not all) Oracle performance optimization books on the market today focus on troubleshooting acute problems such as a poorly performing report. The other side of the coin however, lies in forecasting: Will the current hardware last the year? What happens when we merge the employees from a newly acquired company? Will the current system keep up with the demands of a new application? These are strategic questions that database administrators are expected to answer. Until now, there has been no book to help them. Of all the problems that an Oracle database administrator has to worry about, those dealing with performance often provoke the most stress, thus providing the greatest impetus for administrators to seek help in the form of books. This book shows administrators how to create a model of a database system. Different types of models are introduced: mathematical, simulation, benchmark. Administrators learn how to create the right model for the risks they seek to mitigate. They learn to validate their model. They learn to interpret the results in the form of a forecast. This book gives administrators the knowledge they need to confidently work with business management in preparing for the future of their systems.

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